iQ Acoustics

Offer your employees a real productivity perk: professional sound masking to fight to noise and distractions in the office!

Now more than ever, work productivity is top of mind for every company. Using Neuroscience, IQ Acoustics™ develops a holistic environment to train the brain to filter out undesirable sounds, subtly muting the background noises that interrupt concentration. 

Key benefits to optimizing your workplace with professionally designed acoustics:


increase in short-term memory recall


reduction in stress


increase in focus


reduction in distractions

Based on Neuroscience

Special sound trains your brain to filter out undesirable sounds.

Better than White Noise

Soothing effects to enhance your focus. White noise is for sleep. 

Easy to Use

Our solutions are built to provide maximum versatility with minimum staff.

Enterprise Control & Pricing

Making it simple for workers and administrators.

If your company is returning to office with limited capacity... sound masking has surfaced as a priority. With offices operating less than ½ full, voices travel father and remain distinctly audible longer, threatening spoken data security and raising privacy issues. At the same time, understaffed offices feel eerily quiet, a constant reminder that things are not back to normal. Adding a passive, neuroscience-based layer of sound into the work environment gently and effectively calms employees and makes the workplace feel much more comfortable. 



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