Background Music: From Playlist to Profit

Learn how the right background music impacts your business. From easing the wait during the dinner rush to increasing sales during slow times, the right playlists can turn shoppers into buyers and first-time guests into your best brand ambassadors. 
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Background Music: 5 Essential Factors to Consider  for Your Brand

If you’re considering different background music for a new location or want to upgrade your current system, download this guide for the five essential questions to ask yourself when comparing services.


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Sound Masking eBook Thumbnail

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking

How Office Noise Affects Your Employees & Profitability

Noise pollution in the office has quickly become the biggest threat to worker productivity and company profitability. Research shows employee concentration is disrupted every 11 minutes.

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Fighting Noise With Neuroscience Cover

Fighting OfficeNoise with Neuroscience

Six surprising ways sound masking increases privacy and improves productivity.
It’s unwanted noise—the whispered conversations we strain to hear, a constantly banging door, that guy who never stops coughing—that sends us over the edge. Learn the 6 benefits to masking office noise!
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